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Acne Treatment Suggestions

Acne treatment suggestions – Acne is caused by inflammation where skin cells are breaking down from toxins, or dehydration, poor elimination, and/or poor breathing. If your acne is in the “T” zone it is most likely due to eating too many high sugar foods. If your acne is elsewhere on the face, it is most likely a digestive issue and you should consider taking probiotics, FOS, and digestive enzymes. Professional Arts Pharmacy has solutions for your acne. For more information, on acne-causing foods, please call our office.
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Autism and medication challenges


September 29, 2012

I recently read an interesting article from the National Institute of Health regarding medications for the Autism community.

Compounding pharmacies like ours are a good resource for parents of children diagnosed with Autism.

We have the capabilities to customize pediatric preparations that are easy to take, improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and save patients time and money.

Our services allow for:

  • unique delivery vehicles to be utilzed (i.e. topical cream, flavored lozenge, flavored oral solution); which makes administering the medication easier, more pleasant, and potentially more effective
  • medicines to be concentrated based on individual need, which maximizes therapeutic outcomes while reducing side effects
  • multiple medications, that have been shown to have modest effects individually, to be combined to form a more potent customized medication

Please call me to discuss your questions and concerns.

Sam Georgiou

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Our clients tell us we deliver what we promise.


From a recent survey of our Veterinary practice customers we received nothing but great reviews. Here’s what a select few of our customers are saying about us:

“We like your service. We use P.A.P. for this reason. Good, friendly people to help when I call in an RX. I also like knowing the RX is compounded right the first time!” – P. M. from Eldersburg

“Ease of calling/faxing in a new RX or refill. Good customer service and ability to ship meds directly to our client.” – V.T. from Frederick

” Shipments are always sent out on time. Friendly customer service and direct access to a Pharmacist at all times.” – N.J. from Timonium

“Trust that the med compounded will be accurate and uniformly compounded every time. Fair and consistent pricing. Fast delivery either directly to our clients or to our hospital.” – L.V.S. in Annapolis

We’re happy to share our testimonials and customers feedback with you. Let us know if you need to hear more about our Pharmacy. We are here to make your life easier.

Big enough to ship. Small enough to care.


Sam Georgiou, Pharmacist


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The question I get asked most from new friends is “What exactly do you do?” Well here you go — we make designer drugs. For example, pets come in all different shapes & sizes. So, a 5 lb dog gets a tiny dose of medicine compared to a 100 lb dog. We make the medicine especially for that particular pet.

Other things we make are eye drops for dogs with dry eyes, insulin for diabetic cats, seizure medicine for dogs, thyroid medicines for hyperthyroid cats. Designed individually; designer drugs.

Stay tuned for more to come!!

Sam Georgiou
Professional Arts Pharmacy