Alternative Medicine

The Professional Arts Pharmacy offers a wide array of complementary medicine solutions including nutritional supplements, customized vitamins, bio-identical natural hormones, and much more, just call and ask one of our pharmacists. It’s our mission to continually provide top-quality alternative health compounded medications to combat the ongoing health issues of today. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. We welcome questions from clinicians regarding the interactions and contraindications between conventional and complementary medicine, as well as any questions regarding compounded medications.

We formulate all types of compounded prescriptions, including Methylcobalamin, Naltrexone, Glutathione Transdermal, and all the Bio-identical Hormones, Nystatin Suppositories, DMPS transdermal, DMSA, and Vitamin/Mineral oral suspensions. We also regularly send our compounded prescriptions to an independent lab for analysis. Indeed, Eagle Analytic Laboratory in Texas ensures that we only offer prescriptions which meet potency requirements. We go so far as to do unseen things like having our state of the art balances regularly calibrated and maintained by a local balance calibration company.

In addition, consider this: We offer medications free of gluten, casein, dyes, and preservatives. They can also be flavored to taste good, and much more.


Our pharmacists can prepare therapies for countless dermatologic problems. We can compound medications into cosmetically appealing creams, transdermal gels, topical sprays and powders and various preparations for other routes of administration. USP approved chemicals can be utilized to enhance the absorption of topically applied medications. We commonly prepare unique formulations that physicians develop to meet specific needs of their patients.[/tab]

Clinical Trials

A true clinical partner, we specialize in providing medications including placebos and supporting documentation, for clinical trials of virtually any size. Our government-approved lab can provide virtually any custom compound you require, along with all of the necessary documentation. Our certified pharmacists and technicians can prepare medications to your specification, or work with you to formulate a medication, in any quantity.[/tab]

Pain Management

Pain management is required for uncontrolled pain that prevents patients from working productively and enjoying activities, their family and society. Chronic pain comes from a myraid of medical issues and is often much more difficult to manage than acute pain. Side effects associated with oral administration can often be avoided when medications are used topically. When oral NSAIDs are indicated for pain, physicians may sometimes have reservations. After all, the concern that narcotics will be abused is real. We can solve all of those problems and provide a more effective tool to manage pain. Our transdermal creams deliver medication right where it hurts. Using the same medications available in oral NSAIDs, our medications are custom blended for each patient, easy and convenient, covered by insurance and workers comp and the most effective way to deliver a high concentration of pain medication directly to the source of the pain.

We are the area’s only topical NSAID lab. Our lab equipment, including ointment milling machines, PH meters, homogenizers, wet and dry autoclaves and tube sealers, guarantee that patients receive the right medication at the correct dose.

Some of the pure medications available are: Ketoprofen, Gabapentin, Nifedipine, Amitriptyline, Orphenadrine and others, alone or in the combination specified. There are many publicly available studies that state topical NSAIDs are as effective as the oral equivalent, including those published in major medical journals.

We look forward to helping you make pain management less of a pain.


Pediatric medication challenges can be frustrating for parents as well as physicians. Children may resist taking a medication, dislike the taste or texture, have difficulty swallowing, are fearful of injections and can be more difficult to medicate overall.

Our compounding pharmacy can make life easier. We can compound oral medications into pleasantly flavored solutions, freezerpops, “gummy bears” or lozenges, in colors that entice the child to take the medication. Lollipops are an ideal alternative for children. Most drugs can also be compounded into transdermal gels that can easily be applied to an appropriate site for absorption through the skin.


Podiatrists encounter numerous problems that may be helped with compounded medications. We commonly prepare unique formulations to meet specific needs of their patient population. Numerous compatible medications can be combined into a single dosage form for ease of administration. We can help you treat issues such as Burning Feet Syndrome, where a topical NSAID or local steroid may relieve the symptoms. Ketroprofen 10% in Lipoderm is a good therapeutic option. If a vitamin deficiency is detected, then vitamin supplementation is the suggested protocol. Call our offices for more information on this and other issues that affect your patients.

We can compound medications to treat many different conditions, just to name a few:

  • Inflammation
  • Blisters
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Fungal Nails
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Warts

Consider the assistance of a compounded medication for:

  • Anti Fungal solutions
  • Transdermal medications for the relief of pain and inflammation
  • Wound Care Medications to help speed the healing process
  • Skin Care compounds for foot calluses or dry skin
  • Pain Management solutions


Urology is the medical specialty that treats your urinary and reproductive systems. Urologists diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Benign Prostate Enlargement
  • Prostate Infections
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Bladder Control Problem
  • Bladder Leakage (Incontinence)
  • Bladder/Urinary Tract Infections
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer

Common Urology Medications, Customized Dosage Forms

The Professional Arts Pharmacy can compound all of the commonly prescribed urology medications, in custom combinations and dosage forms, including:

  • Capsules
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Oral Liquids
  • Rapid Dissolve Tabs
  • Suppositories
  • Troches (custom-flavored lozenges that dissolve in your mouth)

For Discreet Compounding of Urological Needs

We are able to prepare the right dosage form to fit your precise needs. Contact us today–you can be confident that we will serve your urological needs with experience, sensitivity and discretion.


We offer solutions to problems by compounding specialized medications which meet the unique needs of each animal. Flavored medications are created in our lab in dosages that animals devour: tuna for cats, liver for dogs, banana or tutti frutti for exotics. We also ensure that each medication is compounded in the ideal size, strength and dosage form for your patient or pet. A tablet, for example, that is commercially available may be too large for a cat, whereas multiple tablets of the same may be needed for horses. We can create a preparation that is perfect for each animal including the best way for that animal to receive the medication; oral, transdermal, otic, etc.). We compound medical “treats,” liquid compounds, ear drops and dusting powders. And if the ideal preparation needs to contain several ingredients to treat a multitude of symptoms, we can help. Don’t forget, if it’s unavailable or back-ordered, we can make it for you.

In addition to customized medications, we offer a variety of unique dispensing devises to simplify administration and improve compliance.